Stephanie Smith
Hambidge DiaryHambidge Diary series detailHambidge Diary 1Hambidge Diary 2Hambidge Diary 3Hambidge Diary 4Hambidge Diary 5Hambidge Diary 6Hambidge Diary 7Hambidge Diary 8Hambidge Diary 9Hambidge Diary 10Hambidge Diary 11Hambidge Diary 12Hambidge Diary 13Hambidge Diary 14Hambidge Diary 15Hambidge Diary 16Hambidge Diary 17Hambidge Diary 18Hambidge Diary 19Hambidge Diary 20Hambidge Diary 21Hambidge Diary 22Hambidge Diary 23Hambidge Diary 24Hambidge Diary 25Hambidge Diary 26Hambidge Diary 27Hambidge Diary 28Hambidge Diary 29Hambidge Diary 30Hambidge Diary 31Hambidge Diary 32Hambidge Diary 33Hambidge Diary 34Hambidge Diary 35Hambidge Diary 36Hambidge Diary 37Hambidge Diary 38
Hambidge Diary 39Hambidge Diary 40Hambidge Diary 41Hambidge Diary 42Hambidge Diary 43Hambidge Diary 44Hambidge Diary 45Hambidge Diary 46Hambidge Diary 47Hambidge Diary 48Hambidge Diary 49Hambidge Diary 50
Hambidge Diary
acrylic, graphite and ink on paper mounted to panel
6 x 6 inches each

I created 50 paintings during my first residency at the Hambidge Center in Rabun Gap, GA.

The images reference views out the window of the Garden Studio, the flora and fauna of the North Georgia mountains as well as images from inside the studio and inside the head of the artist.